Chainmaille Scourers

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Made from stainless steel in a fine chain mesh, these scrubbers are effective on the toughest of buildup. The rings are welded to ensure durability and ensure there are no rough ends that would scratch, and the large attached ring makes a perfect point to hang the scrubber for drying it.

They are dishwasher safe, endlessly re-usable, and long-lasting. The eco-friendly alternative to scouring pads and steel wool.

Made for cleaning cast iron, the flexible, supple material also works well on glass jars and bottles (just place into the jar with soap and water and swirl the jar); and can also be brilliant for scrubbing vegetables and descaling fish.

Make sure to work on a cool surface, as the metal will heat up if used on a hot surface. To get a really good scrub going, be sure to have a cloth between your hand and the chainmaille scrubber. The scourer is abrasive, so it is not suitable on any surface with a protective coating, such as crockery glazes and Teflon pans.


Size: 20x20cm