Full Persian Cuff

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This is our range of bracelets in Full Persian weave.  If you are after a material not listed here, please PM us as we can make these up in any material.

The 18G Variant is made in a thinner wire and smaller ring size, as shown in the sizing photographs. The 16G variant is a thicker wire (shown on the left side in the group shot) and has a chunkier feel, though we don't have a photo for it yet.

The standard size for our cuffs is 18cm. If you require a different length, please PM us on ordering. We have made and fit cuffs up to 24cm in length, and are happy to make these to fit anyone.

If you do not have a tape measure to take a measurement, wrap a piece of string around your wrist to the point you want the cuff to fit, then measure the string against a ruler.