Steel and Leather Belt

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This belt is made to last a lifetime. 

The rings are 304 grade stainless steel, saw cut in New Zealand and woven into a supple European 6-1. The leather for the belt tongue is sourced and shaped by NZ company Wildhart Workshops, out of the top quality hide.

Both are laced together with kangaroo thong, some of the strongest and most resilient on the market. It is designed to be the last belt you ever need. All its parts are made to last or to be strong, repairable, and replaceable if they ever break down.

Though made in sturdy stainless, the belt is remarkably light once on, as chainmaille drapes and distributes the weight. This belt is made to fit a 107-117cm waist, but can be easily shortened to fit. Please specify your ideal size after ordering and that length with be set with give on each side.

Measure around yourself, (or measure your favourite belt from clasp to the hole you use) and send us the measurement, and we will adjust the belt before sending it out, while leaving you several holes for adjustment through the buckle.

The belt is costed for its current length, if you need something significantly longer there may be an additional cost for materials. Or contact us to design your perfect belt in whatever weave you want.

Buy the last belt you will ever need.

Total weight of piece: 530g

Dimensions: 4cm wide, 122cm long (including leather)

Chainmaille: 3.5cm wide, leather pieces 4cm.

Buckle: 5cm wide by 6cm across